Doc Mo Crashed the Honestly Autism Day Event

Well, not really. Doc Mo attended the 2019 Honestly Autism Day event, which, in her opinion was a huge success. Providers, parents, policy makers, all kinds of stakeholders gathered to discuss new autism support initiatives and share innovative training and support techniques. One of the most interesting training sessions involved behavior management and law enforcement advocacy. We’ll share the slides from the training in a future article.

The theme for 2019 was passion, persistence, perspective and autism. Passion for how we love our family… HARD… and how we fight for them. We’ve all seen the “warnings” about special needs momma bears and the passion they have for their adorable cubs. Some of you are that momma  😍and what would we do without you. The persistence it can take to get the necessary supports for your child or for yourself is the stuff of legend. Years long waiting lists. Endless meetings. Trying new behavior therapy techniques. Sometimes, it seems impossible but we keep at it because we do what is necessary for as long as it takes. Perspective. Not just yours as a caregiver but also the perspective of autistic individuals and their contribution to their care.

Honestly Autism Hosts

This fun and informative event is hosted by the Autism Society of Baltimore Chesapeake every year. They describe the event as

A day devoted to understanding autism and is presented by the Partnership Project, which is a collaboration of committed volunteers from the Autism Society of Baltimore-Chesapeake, Baltimore County Public Schools, and the Department of Special Education at Towson University. It is held in April to celebrate Autism Awareness month. Parents, family members, professionals and people with autism come together to listen, ask questions and learn from each other. Experienced speakers share their knowledge of vast topics related to autism and individuals with autism give open and honest insight into their lives on the autism spectrum. It is a positive, uplifting day filled with revelations and shared ideas.

Whether you’re a professional, parent, or self-advocate add this event to your calendar and come out with us EVERY YEAR.


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Honestly Autism Day was amazing! Congratulations Baltimore Autism Society.


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