When in a state of agitation, nervousness, boredom, excitement, frustration, or a combination of these feelings, people tend to move or shake restlessly. This movement (fidgeting) usually happens unconsciously, and it cannot be explained and this is where fidget toys comes in.

What are fidget toys?

So many devices are made to aid these spontaneous movements. They are called “Fidget toys”. These tools help improve attention, concentration and focus. They can calm users and also enhances active listening.

When people fidget, they play with their hair, ears, fingers, wristwatches, rings, or bracelets. Some shake their legs or hit the table repeatedly. It should be noted that fidgeting usually happens while seated. For some people, they fidget while thinking or mind wandering.

Fidget toys come in different shapes and sizes. However, there are numerous devices intended and explicitly made for both children and adults. Fidget toys include fidget cubes, fidget spinners, fidget stress ball, squishy, fidget pen, flippy chains, and more.

Fidget toys are typically made for and are beneficial to children who have autism or Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). The toys help them focus better. It also helps adults who have a hard time focusing on one thing or are overexcited.

Benefits of Fidget toys

  • Helps improve concentration and focus in children and adults.
  • Helps take one’s mind off distractions.
  • Helps children with special needs and ADHD.
  • Reduces anxiety and stress.
  • Improves learning ability by improving focus.
  • Helps movement and sensory input in children in school. This is essential because both the left and right part of the brain is required for effective learning and carrying out tasks.
  • Enhances skills.
  • Improves coordinating ability.
  • Assists in the development of muscles of small hands.
  • Boosts attention.
  • Reduces restlessness.

Now that you know what fidget toys are, what they do, and their benefits, I made a list of the popular fidget toys and their features to help you make a choice.

  • Möbii fidget balls: It is made of smooth interlocking rings. Stroking the rings has a calming effect. It’s pretty handy because of its small size. However, it’s not advisable for small children; they can choke on it.
  • Flippy chain: Made of clean bike chain links, it fits in your pocket, and it is quite handy too.
  • Mini Rubik’s cube: Though this requires a little more involvement of both hands if you’re a puzzle-solving freak, this is your best bet.
  • Desk toys: They are a bit larger than other toys. They are best suited for a spot on your desk. Examples are Spoley desk sculptures, Euler’s disk, and useless box.
  • Jewelry: Fidget jewelry are great options too when considering getting a fidget toy. They also help soothe anxiety and regulate focus. Examples of fidget Jewelry are Sterling silver fidget ring, Möbii necklace, and Acupressure rings.
  • Classroom fidget toys: These helps some children deal with stress and anxiety. It also improved their learning ability. Examples are Kick bands, Chewable pencil toppers, and Tangles.

In general, fidget toys can help fight the symptoms of stress, fear and other mental health ailments. The continuous motion of clicking and spinning fidget toys can also increase concentration since they help keep you calm.

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