Let’s get to work!! Disabled adults in the workplace. Supported employment. Integrated employment.

Mar 31, 17 Let’s get to work!! Disabled adults in the workplace. Supported employment. Integrated employment.

Can disabled adults support themselves?

Yes! Supported employment, or integrated employment, allows individuals diagnosed with disabilities to work in the community. Supported employment is is not limited to vision, hearing, or other physical disabilities. You, or your family member diagnosed with autism, mental illness, or intellectual disabilities, can earn a living with proper supports. These employment arrangements go well beyond minimum wage or manual labor. The Americans with Disabilities Act prohibits disabilities-based discrimination and promotes equal employment opportunities for persons with disabilities (ADA.gov, 2017). In Maryland State, the Employment First initiative was implemented to promote and foster integrated “employment services for youth and adults with significant disabilities” (Maryland Developmental Disabilities Administration, 2017). Do not hesitate. Take a look at what your options are and gain the career you, or your loved one, has always dreamed of by visiting the Developmental Disabilities Administration employment resources website.

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