Special needs financial planning checklist. Time to plan! The clock is ticking!

Dec 06, 17 Special needs financial planning checklist. Time to plan! The clock is ticking!

Special needs financial planning checklist

We are busy people. We have work. We have school. We have businesses. We have a family. And we have children or family with special needs. Whether it’s autism or some other developmental disability. Whether it’s schizophrenia or Alzheimer’s, it’s important to take a breath and consider who will care for our disabled children or relatives if something were to happen to us. For those that are able to self advocate, it’s still necessary to plan for the future. But where do you start? It can all be so confusing like time is working against you. Sifting through a sea of information can be daunting. The fine folks at Maryland Financial Advocates have created a special needs financial planning checklist to help get us started. The checklist includes ticklers and reminders of milestones we should consider during special needs planning such as what financial resources (like an ABLE account) we need to create. And who will be in charge of those resources in our absence? Click here to find out more.



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Special needs financial planning – getting your money in order for your family

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