Where is Seth’s Mom? Gateway to Success Learning Center

In December 2017, Doc Mo and Seth held a meet and greet with Seth’s Mom and the Gateway to Success Learning Center parents. It was a huge hit! The director, Ms. Tiara Montgomery, asked us to come back and speak with her staff. A special thank you to Ms. Cookie for being so engaged and charming.

It was an incredible experience. Staff shared stories about their struggle with receiving the proper special education training and providing accommodations to special needs children. One of the most interesting topics was how difficult it is for them to provide services when they’re not aware of a child’s diagnosis. This lead to a very in-depth discussion about the stigma associated with having a diagnosis and the rampant discrimination many parents experience when daycare staff find out about a child’s diagnosis. It was refreshing to hear such candid conversation from staff who are genuinely interested in being there for every child, whether they are disabled or non-disabled.

We will certainly visit with the wonderful staff and parents of Gateway again. We wants to continue the dialogue. We want to continue building bridges between service providers, parents, and service recipients so we can all better understand the other’s needs. As we’ve said before, it takes a village. And we shouldn’t judge. All the members of that village should work to find ways to support each other.



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Where is Seth’s Mom? Meet and greet at Gateway to Success Learning Center

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