PTSD tools: PTSD Coach Online

Jun 10, 18 PTSD tools: PTSD Coach Online

PTSD tools

There are many ways those affected by PTSD can receive support. Options range from talk therapy, support animals, to residential treatment. These PTSD tools offer choices that fit many lifestyles and needs. Here we will discuss a new PTSD tool: the online PTSD coach.

Virtual support

As we move through our day our smart phones and other devices have become a part of us. Checking in with friends and fellow gamers online has become part of our normal routine. We stay in touch. Actually, we share the smallest details about ourselves. We talk about the desert we had with dinner. We talk about the prettiest, little butterfly that landed outside out window. Chat rooms, forums, and other social media tools are used to not only connect us but to support each other through difficult times. I’m sure if you’re reading this, at some point you’ve emailed, texted, or direct messaged a friend to discuss a problem you were having. Perhaps, you’ve seen commercials for virtual therapy via email or video chat? How we receive support is evolving. It makes sense that online coaching for PTSD is available now.

The National Center for PTSD has developed PTSD coaching online as an option. It was developed “for anyone who needs help with upsetting feelings. Trauma survivors, their families, or anyone coping with stress can benefit.” They describe the service the following way

PTSD Coach Online has tools for coping with sadness, anxiety, and other symptoms that people who have been through trauma can develop. Some tools are brief and can help you relax when you feel stressed, or improve your mood, for example. Longer tools teach you how to tackle difficult problems, change thinking patterns, and take steps to achieve your goals.

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