Helping Veterans with PTSD through partnerships

Dec 17, 18 Helping Veterans with PTSD through partnerships

From VAntage Point Department of Veterans Affairs

Helping Veterans with PTSD through partnerships and innovation

This Veterans Month we honor America’s Veterans for their bravery in war, their patriotism, and their willingness to serve our nation and protect our freedom.   As Veterans Month draws to a close, we are reminded that there is no greater honor than to care for our nation’s Veterans. To serve those who serve.

The Department of Veterans Affairs is committed to ensuring that our Veterans get the support they need to thrive when they return from their service, and that includes support for their physical and mental health and beyond. I know that this is work we at VA cannot do alone. Providing the best care for our Veterans and their families depends on strong networks of collaborative relationships that bring the best programs to the fore.

I am proud of the VA’s long history of innovation: the first successful liver transplant, development of medicine to reverse and cure Hepatitis-C, the first coronary artery bypass, the invention of the nicotine patch and the use of bar-code technology to track medications, to name a few.

Now we are leading the way in using innovative public-private partnerships to expand evidence-based services that improve quality of life for our Veterans, including and especially those with service-connected disabilities like post-traumatic stress disorder.

Veterans with PTSD continue to experience negative impacts that permeate throughout their lives. Increasingly we are finding that the work required to treat PTSD effectively extends beyond the hospital walls. Which is why we are pursuing opportunities to treat the whole person and not just the symptoms of PTSD.

This doesn’t just mean more funding for additional programs, it means using the funding we have more wisely. It means exploring innovative ways to expand evidence-based programs with a track record of results.

Consider a project we just launched with partners across the public, private and nonprofit sectors. The Veterans Coordinated Approach to Recovery and Employment (Veterans CARE) Pay for Success project will expand an individualized approach to supportive employment for Veterans with PTSD, with a $5 million investment from private investors.

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