Become a community or family support waiver provider. Become part of the solution.

Nov 29, 17 Become a community or family support waiver provider. Become part of the solution.

Become a community or family support waiver provider

Are you looking for a career where you can live your passion and give back to the disabilities and mental health community. Become a community or family support waiver provider in Maryland. Become one of many resources for children with disabilities and adults with mental illnesses. From the Maryland Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) website.

DDA is currently accepting applications from interested individual or business applicants to become providers in its two new waivers, Community and/or Family Supports Waivers. Effective January 2018, DDA will offer a variety of community-based supports and services to eligible individuals on its waiting list and family members of individuals enrolled. You do not have to be licensed under COMAR 10.22.02 to offer certain supports and services to individuals in these waivers. For FAQs and Answers, click here.

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