Financial planning across the autism spectrum

Apr 02, 19 Financial planning across the autism spectrum

by Collin Meeks from Maryland Financial Advocates

Financial planning across the autism spectrum

We've previously talked about ableism and the assumption that having a disability or mental illness means you're a less capable person. Not only that, ableism can also come from being misguided and take the form of pity. Feeling sorry for someone because they are mentally or physically atypical. If we have learned nothing Seth, we've learned not to make assumptions or feel sorry for him. When he was 5 and started school teaching staff assumed he couldn't read because he wouldn't read for them. They assumed he would never learn to communicate in complete sentences. He could read at 5 and he continues to grow academically. Sometimes he won't stop talking (lol). And don't feel sorry for him because he's autistic. Seth the disco teacher is doing just fine attending dance recitals, doing knock-knock jokes stand-up. He's living his best life.

In this featured podcast Collin Meeks from Maryland Financial Advocates interviews Andrew Komarow, MSFS. Andrew is not only a certified financial planner he offers a fresh perspective as someone also diagnosed with autism.




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