Autism jargon: what is SIB or SIBs?

Dec 10, 18 Autism jargon: what is SIB or SIBs?

Autism jargon: what is SIB or SIBs?

In the world of autism, and other spectrum disorders, SIB or SIBs is not a sibling. The acronym actually stands for self-injurious behaviors or self injurious behaviors. They can be described as

Behaviors that an individual engages in that may cause physical harm, such as head banging, or self-biting. SIBs are more common in children with ASD than those who are typically developing or have other neurodevelopmental disabilities (Minshawi, Hurwitz, Fodstad, Biebl, Morriss, McDougle)

Does my child have SIBS?

First and foremost, it’s important to work with a professional to answer diagnostic questions. Self-injurious behavior is not the same for everyone. Some may scratch, while others bite. It’s important to get informed so you can provide the best support possible. In the following video where a precious child shows SIB like symptoms by biting her hands, the family has taken care to protect her tiny, little hands with gloves.

*WARNING* the video can be difficult to watch.



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