Using technology for care – our friends at Awake Labs

Dec 07, 18 Using technology for care – our friends at Awake Labs

By Paul Fijal, CPO Awake Labs

Technology for care

*Disclaimer – this blog post makes reference to organizations and technologies developed by people we admire. References to these groups does not explicitly mean that they endorse Awake Labs. All of the information and links shared in this blog post are part of the publicly domain.

Awake Labs is a team of engineers, software developers, and entrepreneurs. We are developing Reveal Stories – a trusted AI-powered app that helps people with autism and their caregivers share strategies with each other and get answers to their most important care questions.

Our company was born in 2015 because of the demand to build technology that could have an impact – something that would be a game-changer for the autism community. We’ve spent almost 4 years working closely with people with autism and their families, teachers, therapists, and caregivers to develop technology that can be useful everyday.

The Awake Labs team lives in a world of technology, and over the years we have come across a lot of tools, products, websites, and organizations built for the autism community. This blog post includes our list of highlights.

There are a lot of apps and tools that exist to help manage our care. We know that this list could be a lot longer! Here is a snapshot of what is available:

  • The Empatica Embrace watch detects patterns that may be associated to a convulsive seizure and immediately alerts caregivers
  • The Anxiety Meter is an algorithm that converts heart rate into a measure of anxiety. Awake Labs & Holland Bloorview, the creators of the Anxiety Meter, are collaborating to bring this technology out of the lab and into the world! Read about the collabortion here
  • The JAKE App study was completed to develop a mobile-based app system to monitor clinical outcomes in children and adults with autism

Bonus feature

In 2016, Paul Fijal from Awake Labs gave a TEDx Talk about how technology can be used to promote understanding. Hope you enjoy it! If you’re curious to learn more about Awake Labs’ recent work on anxiety, feel free to read our blog; Identifying anxiety part 1 & part 2, and our research collaboration.

To learn more about Awake Labs and Reveal Stories, visit their website or send an email to Paul at



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