I’m totally ef’d!! Executive function disorder and language.

Nov 10, 17 I’m totally ef’d!! Executive function disorder and language.

I’m totally ef’d!! Executive function disorder and language

Is it the way I talk that makes me confused or am I confused because of the way I talk? In a previous post we discussed executive function disorder (or executive function deficit) basics. EFD is one of many disorders associated with neuro-developmental disorders. Autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are the most well known disorders that fall within the autism spectrum of neuro-developmental disorders.

In fact, for many scholars and medical practitioners, EFD is considered more of a construct or associated symptom rather than a separate disorder. EFD can be described as “a multidimensional construct involving skills such as attention control, behavioral inhibition and working memory, each important for the deliberate control of goal orientated actions” (Gooch, Thompson, Nash, Snowling, & Hulm, 2015). So, setting a goal and executing the steps necessary to accomplish that goal is difficult to say the least. Organizing the steps and prioritizing is laborious. Adjusting priorities to accommodate sudden changes is challenging.

The medical field has not reached a consensus on how to categorize executive function deficit

There is continued debate about what causes executive function deficit. Recent evidence suggests that language deficits and EFD are very closely related. In fact, children in early childhood with language impairment often have serious executive function deficits (Henry, Messer, & Nash, 2012). As a result, language deficits are considered a predictor for future executive function deficits. The relationship between language and EFD may be causal, but researchers are not absolutely sure. However, there seems to be a a strong causal relationship between language and EFD. Furthermore, we cannot rule out genetics and the relationship between genetic predisposition and developing both EFD and language deficits. In other words, one may cause the other or the same genes that causes language deficits may also cause EFD. It’s not entirely clear, but there is certainly room for additional research.



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