Disability marriage. A family is not impossible for adults with ASD.

Jul 09, 17 Disability marriage. A family is not impossible for adults with ASD.

Disability marriage. A family is not impossible for adults with ASD

Dating… It’s complicated. Sometimes it can be difficult to meet new people and to keep relationships going strong. While some may look at the disabilities community and focus on the obstacles, of course we look at ourselves and see nothing but possibilities. We see disability dating. Disability marriage. Disability love.

Seth’s Mom has found a wonderful Easterseals article about a couple diagnosed with autism who are making marriage work. Click here to read more.



Autism Awareness Month. Inclusion. Accommodations

Your child is diagnosed with autism. CONGRATULATIONS!

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I’m totally ef’d!! Executive function disorder and language.

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ActuallyAutistic. The new face of self advocacy

Activities and events for disabled children – KEEN Greater DC special needs activities

Disability Support: Mastering the art of sharing power.

Disability Employment: Employment 1st Maryland UPDATE

Sick leave to care for disabled family: Maryland Healthy Working Families Act

ActuallyAutistic. The new face of self advocacy

Disability savings. What are you able to do with your ABLE account? Shield your income.

Keeping the self in disability self-advocacy. It can sometimes be an act of sass!



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External Resources

Support program: Autism Sibling Support Initiative

Support program: Sibling Support Project

Maryland Developmental Disabilities Council

Maryland Early Intervention and Special Education Services

Administration for Community Living

Pathfinders for Autism

Disability Scoop


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