Seth’s Mom Family – disabilities and mental health support, join the family today!!

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Seth’s Mom is more than just news and information for the mental health and disabilities community. Our family is a FREE NOW FREE FOREVER safe space. A place where people connect, share stories, and support each other without judgement. Our schedules can be hectic. We cannot always make it to a support group meeting and not everyone is comfortable with expressing their feelings in person. That’s where the Seth’s Mom family comes in.

CREATE A PROFILE HERE. Connect with others on your terms and in your time. Join or create a group to share what you’re going through.

Seth’s Mom is not a replacement for your favorite social media. Come visit us on Twitter and Facebook. Seth’s Mom is meant to enhance your internet and mobile experience by focusing on what impacts your life most: disabilities and mental health news, resources, and social support. Come here and KNOW you are with people who understand and have likely felt the exact same way you do right now.

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