Why Does Doing What I Love Make My Bipolar Worse?

Aug 25, 18 Why Does Doing What I Love Make My Bipolar Worse?

Why Does Doing What I Love Make My Bipolar Worse?

From BP Magazine Bipolar disorder is unfair.  We have to be so careful about everything. Get the right amount of sleep! Make sure you take your meds! Watch out for bad relationships! Find work that respects bipolar! I’m the one who is often giving this advice in my blogs and books.

I do all of this and yes, it helps. But I’m really in a dilemma sometimes when it comes to the other advice I read and hear from friends about having a good life.  Here is one I am sure you have heard before. If you want to have a good life…

Do what you love! 

Well. Here’s my honest experience with doing what I love. If I do what I love, it often leads to bipolar disorder symptoms. I love being with people, but being in large crowds can make me paranoid and anxious.

I love, love, love karaoke, but this is often a late night endeavor with friends who like to drink and have a good time starting around 10 PM. If I do this with my friends, I will not be able to sleep at all and the mania will creep in and make me miserable.

I love to travel. It is what I love. But the time changes and the stress of airports, being in a new city and especially the stress of the time zone changes can make me very depressed and suicidal within a few days.

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