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Mar 19, 18 Seth’s Mom Disability News and Entertainment Network

Seth’s Mom Disability News and Entertainment Network

Your source for the latest in disability and mental health news and entertainment from every corner of the web and beyond!

Finding the things you need on a daily basis can be daunting. Even something as simple as locating your car keys can bring the strongest person to their knees. We have all been there. For our Seth’s Mom family supporting themselves or their family diagnosed with a disability or mental health concern we can barely find time to breath let alone search multiple sites for all the information we need. Seth’s Mom wants to make your lives easier by bringing the information to you. Our Disability News and Entertainment Network provides a valuable resource and respite. We highlight stories from self-advocates, places to vacation, and the many policy changes that relate to you and your family.

Disabilities and mental health is our focus. From PTSD news, veteran stories, autism research, treatment for bipolar disorder to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), if it relates to disabilities and mental health we are here for you.

Entertainment. Take a break you deserve it

Of course, there’s more to life than fighting the good fight and constant research. We shouldn’t always be on duty. Our family wants a break just like everyone else. Seth’s Mom looks for sensory friendly providers to take some of the guess work out of planning your next family vacation. Also, it’s good to know about any new regulations and who is following them so we can make informed decisions.

Not only that, as we continue to bring you disability and mental health media we will showcase TV, film, and stage productions that not only show individuals diagnosed with disabilities and mental health concerns thriving but feature actors who have been diagnosed. WHO BETTER TO TELL OUR STORY THAN US.

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Go to our News and Entertainment Network page and see what’s going on right now! And, be sure to come back often. Because, we listen to your feedback and will bring even more and even greater content to you.


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Mental health month. In May be aware and be accepting.

Where is Seth’s Mom? Gateway to Success Learning Center

Where’s Seth’s Mom? Dog walk in Great Falls, VA.



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