IEP jargon. What are developmental milestones?

Mar 12, 18 IEP jargon. What are developmental milestones?
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Developmental milestones.

Seth’s Mom works hard to help guide parents through the sea of individual education plan (IEP) and 504 service plan jargon. A frequently used term is milestone. Milestones are changes that typically occur around the same age for all children. They are used by professionals to gauge development and rule out conditions that impact health. Two big milestones are when a child starts “going potty” and begins talking. Delays in these areas can indicate an underlying condition such as autism.

Stay educated.

As always, if you have concerns it is very important to discuss these things with your family physician. For parents and family with young children the Center for Disease Control has a very nifty developmental milestones checklist that shows what to look for based on your child’s age. It also provides tips for how to help your child learn and grow.

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