ActuallyAutistic. The new face of self advocacy

Nov 20, 17 ActuallyAutistic. The new face of self advocacy
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What does it mean to be ActuallyAutistic? We’ll give you a crash course. To be ActuallyAutistic would seem self-explanatory. It means to be an autistic person and self advocating for having a voice in self-determination and owning, but not being defined by, a diagnosis.

Keep in mind, the hashtag is meant to signify that what you are reading is written by an autistic person. Not their mom or dad or auntie. So if you’re not autistic DON’T DO IT!!

Also, in case you are thinking about getting offended, there are many autistics who disagree with using people first language and prefer to be called an “autistic person” rather than a “person with autism.” So there.


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