Exceptional Minds Studio alumnae are doing exceptional things!

Nov 16, 17 Exceptional Minds Studio alumnae are doing exceptional things!
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Talented autistic and neuro-atypical artists are doing exceptional things working on The Good Doctor post-production. Having a disability is a part of the lives of these amazing individuals, but it in no way stops them from achieving their dreams and maximizing their talent. In a previous blog post we introduced the Seth’s Mom family to the Exceptional Minds Studio. The mission of this innovative program located in California is to

“Maximize the talents of artists on the autism spectrum with customized instruction and hands-on experience to prepare them for gainful work in digital arts and animation.”

From the Exceptional Minds Studio website:

Andrew Dugan is a 27-year-old visual effects artist with Exceptional Minds Studio who worked on several shots for The Good Doctor. He completed [our] vocational program in June of 2016, and began working in the Exceptional Minds Studio staffed exclusively by young professionals on the autism spectrum soon after. Also a photographer, Dugan describes himself as a visual thinker.

Congratulations Andrew! Seth’s Mom is so proud of you! To read the full article click here.

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