What are you able to do with your ABLE account? Pay household expenses.

Nov 15, 17 What are you able to do with your ABLE account? Pay household expenses.

What are you able to do with your ABLE account? Pay household expenses.

We’ve discussed the ABLE disabilities savings account in another blog articles. We like to share information in nice bite sized pieces for proper digestion. But never fear. We’ll link to other articles so you can get the full meal of information about the ABLE account.

According to an excellent resource, Maryland Financial Advocates, ABLE disabilities savings account funds can be used to pay household expenses. Items such as utilities and rent can be paid using ABLE account funds.

Another beneficial use of an ABLE account is using it to pay for utilities and other housing expenses without triggering SSI’s “in-kind support and maintenance” (or ISM) penalty that would otherwise be incurred if a third party, including a special needs trust, made the same expenditure. When it comes to its ISM rules, the Social Security Administration views money in an ABLE account as if it were the SSI beneficiary’s money, so there is no penalty when the recipient of a government benefit uses her own funds from an ABLE account to pay for her own housing expenses.

When it comes to planning for your child’s needs, it is important not only to consider the advantages of an ABLE account standing alone, but also to realize that an ABLE account can be used in conjunction with other planning tools, such as a special needs trust, to craft a strategy that best fits your child’s needs now and in the future. Even as just one piece of a larger puzzle, an ABLE account may be able to offer so much more to your child.

Be sure to discuss all your savings options with a financial planner and/or accountant before making any decisions. Good Luck!



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