Keeping the self in disability self-advocacy. It can sometimes be an act of sass!

Oct 31, 17 Keeping the self in disability self-advocacy. It can sometimes be an act of sass!
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Keeping the SELF in self-advocacy can sometimes be an act of sass

A diagnosis of autism, or any other disability, does not prevent self-advocacy. Just like any teenager, Seth has moments where he needs to express himself. Any parent of disabled children knows this can often occur with creative and hilarious results. Let us share the tale…

After getting in trouble for being difficult in school he was sent to his room. After pleading and bargaining did not work he complained until the door closed. He then complained some more with the door shut. So, we all moved on with the evening. We left him to think about his behavior and maybe revisit the situation when he is calm. That is not what happened.

To protest this unfair development he did this…

disability self-advocacy

He hung his Seth’s Mom t-shirt on the outside of his bedroom door. This was his version of self-advocacy. This is his way of saying he wanted no parts of me and no parts of Seth’s Mom. Seth is officially on strike!


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