I’m totally EF’D! Do I have an executive function disorder or executive function deficit?

Sep 01, 17 I’m totally EF’D! Do I have an executive function disorder or executive function deficit?

Do I have an executive function disorder or deficit?

We were recently made aware of EFD (executive function disorder or executive function deficit). Doc Day’s first thought was someone was being uber P.C., but it’s actually a condition. Or, at the very least, considered a subset of other better known disabilities such as attention deficit disorder (ADD) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).  A 2016 article describes EFD as a deficit in the area of executive function which “comprises a set of cognitive control processes, mainly supported by the prefrontal cortex, which regulates lower level processes (eg, perception, motor responses) and thereby enables self-regulation and self-directed behavior toward a goal, allowing us to break out habits, make decisions and evaluate risks, plan for the future, prioritize and sequence

our actions, and cope with novel situations” (Craig, Margari, Legrottaglie, Palumbi, de Giambattista and Margari).

Executive function what’s your function?

THAT WAS A MOUTHFUL, but simply put executive function disorder or deficit means organizing, performing simple tasks, remembering simple facts, and adjusting behavior based on the environment can be more than difficult. It can actually be impossible. For example, have you ever given a friend directions to a place they’ve been to a hundred times? Have you ever met anyone who never seemed to know what to say and tends to blurt out statements that are barely within the context of the conversation? Here’s a good one… have you ever I’m totally ef’d!! Executive function disorder and language.consistently forgotten how to spell or pronounce a word or find yourself searching for words to speak on a topic


that you are relatively well versed? If these describe you or someone you love you may be TOTALLY EF’D!!



I’m totally ef’d!! Executive function disorder and language.

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