Involuntary psychiatric treatment. A hard family decision.

Jul 28, 17 Involuntary psychiatric treatment. A hard family decision.
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The hard decision

“Hard decision” is certainly an understatement. Parents who seek involuntary psychiatric treatment for their children have often reached the end of their rope. They have watched their child spiral out of control. These parents have witnessed self-harm and property destruction. They have had their money stolen and bailed their children out of jail numerous times. In fact, they have been verbally and physically abused without seeking treatment themselves. Similarly, children with mentally ill parents who have lost control have also faced many of the same obstacles. These children have spent a lifetime loving someone with self-destructive tendencies and they don’t know what to do.

Involuntary psychiatric treatment

Pathfinders for Autism has written a very helpful article that details what happens when a family has to come together to make a very difficult decision about involuntary psychiatric treatment for a loved one. It is by no means a simple process nor is it easy on the family’s emotions or the family member with a disability in mental health crisis.  Click here and take a moment to read this insightful article.

A mental health crisis can take a toll. What should you expect when considering involuntary psychiatric treatment?









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