PTSD residential treatment. Are support services going backward?

Jun 18, 17 PTSD residential treatment. Are support services going backward?

PTSD residential treatment

The days of warehousing people to treat mental illness or disabilities are long gone. The skeletal frames of the Crownsville Hospital Center are a fossilized reminder of how mental health support services have evolved. Residential treatment for developmental disabilities is not a new concept. These services are mainly provided by community-based and in-home provider organizations. Now, a similar model is also provided for combat related PTSD residential treatment.

What the research says

In a 2014 study, veterans showing moderate symptoms of PTSD benefited from a residential treatment model, while those on the low and high end of PTSD did not benefit as much (Currier, Holland, Drescher, 2014). Researchers found that the PTSD residential treatment model allowed veterans to receive support for a range of issues including psychological, physical, and substance abuse. The environment is symptom sensitive and uses an interdisciplinary approach to recovery where veterans offer each other mutual support and understanding. Think: support group meets residential treatment.

PTSD treatment moving forward or backward?

In fact, the residential treatment model may seem ideal, however, this treatment method seems to be in conflict with current trends where most supports are integrated within the community or in the home. So, are we moving backwards with the way we support veterans or are we taking the commonly used substance abuse residential treatment model to integrate all services and supports in a holistic way? What are your thoughts?



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