Private school for disabled children. Special education options in Maryland.

Jun 07, 17 Private school for disabled children. Special education options in Maryland.

Private school for disabled children

Finding good special education can be very difficult. If you have a child with a disability or with mental health needs you are quite fortunate if you live in Maryland. The state has one of the most service rich and diverse special education networks in the country including private school for disabled children. There is a downside to all these school options… where to begin looking. Your mind will swirl with a million questions about what services the school provides, do they have a 12 month program, do they have a diploma as well as a certificate

Maryland Association of Nonpublic Special Education Facilities

track? For public school options you should of course look at your immediate resources such as your assigned school and other education options within your district. Then, there’s the non-public options. In another Seth’s Mom article, we discussed our experience touring The Lab School in Baltimore and their innovative, art-infused college-prep curriculum. But there are many other options within the state AND you can tour any one of them on your own as well as advocate for your child to apply to any of these schools. The finer points of advocacy (you may have to lawyer-up to get what your child needs which is unfortunate) will be an ongoing discussion. However,  to help with your non-public education search a great resource that’s available in Maryland is MANSEF, not the delicious Middle Eastern dish, but the Maryland Association of Nonpublic Special Education Facilities. According to the MANSEF website

The Maryland Association of Nonpublic Special Education Facilities (MANSEF) represents more than 90 nonpublic sschools throughout Maryland that serve students with a range of disabilities. Our schools serve young people with physical, emotional and developmental needs that cannot be adequately met in public schools. MANSEF schools are an integral part of Maryland’s highly ranked educational system, providing high-quality educational opportunities and support services to Maryland children and youth with disabilities.

You can use their search feature to locate schools, find contact information and a summary of services! Pretty cool huh!!


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