Today we are all Seth’s Mom – Happy Mother’s Day

May 14, 17 Today we are all Seth’s Mom – Happy Mother’s Day


Today we are all Seth’s Mom – Happy Mother’s Day

All us mommas put in the work everyday. The love we have for our children (babies through adults) can barely be put into words. Every moment is treasured and every emotion cataloged as the most important event in human history. That is the view we mommas have of every second of motherhood. Mothers of children diagnosed with mental illness and/or disabilities live every day like it’s Mother’s Day. We celebrate the daily accomplishments, those moments when a new word is added to our child’s vocabulary, a panic attack is overcome, we get a hug and a good cry after a bad tantrum. We celebrate making it through a day when it’s tough and behaviors are extreme and words are harsh, nerves are unsettled, and we cry ourselves to sleep but vow to do it all again the next day for the love of our child.Happy Mother's Day

We take on these challenges PROUDLY. Often without complaint (sometimes we need to let it out but that’s ok, we’re human). Why do we do this? We extended our hearts when we adopted, took into out homes, made part of our family, carried in our bodies, welcomed home our adult children struggling with mental illness and disabilities out of absolute love and compassion. Even if imperfectly, we did our best. Today, the world salutes you. Seth’s Mom salutes you!




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