Parents Love Resource and Support Group

Mar 10, 17 Parents Love Resource and Support Group

The support you need… Parent’s Love Disabilities and Mental Health Resource and Support Group

Open to the public, Parents Love Resource and Support Group offers a wide variety of support and resource options. Recently launched at Baltimore Design School, founder Makeia Kelly uses her sparkling personality and deep well of sympathy to organize regular meetings for families of children and adults diagnosed with autism and other intellectual and developmental disabilities. Find out more about them on Facebook.




Your child is diagnosed with autism. CONGRATULATIONS!

SETH TALK – Makeia Kelly sets up a 9th grade IEP

SETH TALK – the social worker and the IEP parent

Autism symptoms. What do they look like?

Disabilities jargon: what is stimming?

Managing behaviors. What’s working for you that the professionals may not know?



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External resources

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Pathfinders for Autism

Disability Scoop

Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance

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